Metal Restoration
Make Your Building’s Metal Surfaces Shine Again

If your building has a metallic exterior, rust, corrosion, surface contamination, and bonded dirt are real concerns. When you’re used to seeing a building every day, slight changes may go undetected on a daily basis even though they have a drastic effect when they accumulate over time.

Weathering causes outdoor metals to lose their luster through oxidation and dents. Temperature changes also cause metal to expand and contract, which can lead to damage or dislodgment when metals interact with washers and fasteners. Sometimes people fail to realize that old protective sealants and coatings need replacement and can actually contribute to their building’s problems, too.

HSG can help stop corrosion and greatly improve the look of metallic surfaces with a professional combination of non-abrasive pads and solvents.   Our metal restoration experts will determine the right cleaning process and protective coating for your building’s specific type of metal surfaces. We also have plenty of experience with cleaning and polishing stone masonry and other specialized materials – try us! With regular maintenance service from our team, you can keep your building shining as much as possible.


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How to Save Your Building From Scratches And Graffiti

How your business deals with damage to your property says a lot about your approach to PR. Letting scratches accumulate from untreated wear and tear suggests a lack of concern for detail. Much like a handshake, that means missing out on the competitive edge of a sparkling first impression. It’s even worse if that untended damage happens to be in the form of graffiti – vandals see this eyesore as encouragement for more etchings or tagging. It sends everyone – including potential clients – the message “We don’t care about harm to our image or insults to our reputation.” Don’t let that be your business!

Take control of your building and your company’s image – don’t leave things up to chance. Let HSG remove scratches and graffiti on glass and metallic surfaces for you. We will then cover the newly restored surface with a protective film to reduce the chance of future vandalism or damage. This process at least makes future touch-ups cheaper, so it’s a wise investment for both repair and prevention. We carry LEED-certified tinted solar film, too, which reduces wear from direct sunlight and lowers energy consumption without compromising the appearance of your building.


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What’s So Hard About Water?

Many building owners are unaware of the damaging chemical processes quietly taking place on their property. Not all water is created equal! Depending on what it contains, water can be a friend or a foe to your building exterior.

Hard water is water with a high concentration of minerals, often including calcium, magnesium, or silicon. This type of water leaves behind unsightly mineral deposits – a chalky whitish coating – when it dries and carries with it an increased risk of corrosion and damage to your building.

Don’t wait to address this problem until it is too late! HSG has decades of experience in hard water stain removal. We use extra-fine triple zero (Grade #000) steel wool with a special polishing agent to remove stubborn mineral deposits. This process is gentle enough not to scratch glass, but it is strong enough to make dulled, worn surfaces look bright and new.

We guarantee your building and your business will look more inviting and professionally maintained with regular help from us!

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Clearly, Clean Windows are Good for Business
HSG Worker cleaning windows from suspended platform

From the outside, clean windows maintain your property’s appearance and value. From the inside, occupants appreciate the clear view. Dirty windows not only detract from your building’s appearance but when environmental pollutants, dirt or bird droppings sit on window frames, damage occurs. The cost to restore metal or to waterproof joints can be extensive. Window cleaning on a regular schedule can guard against disgruntled tenants and costly repairs.

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Bird Control: Don’t Wing It

Bird Control Methods, Pigeons and Seagulls

Birds are smart. They enjoy a good view, a nice perch and a comfy nest. But they’re also a menace to businesses, tenants and customers. Pigeons, in addition to being infested with pests like fleas, ticks and lice, carry over 60 different types of diseases. Birds roost on building roofs, in eaves, on building overhangs, on solar panels, signage, HVAC units, supports and parapet walls. Their droppings on building ledges, patios, walkways and on other exterior venues create a dirty, disease-filled environment. Fixing the damage can be expensive.

Bird control is good for business.

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Building Metal Restoration: The Right Touch

Building Metal Restoration Before and After

Dirt, sun, heat, pollution, moisture, cool weather — all affect how the metal on a building looks. Over time, these elements cause metal window frames and metal panels to look faded, aged, stained, pitted, corroded and oxidized.

To properly restore metal surfaces, including anodized or painted metal, HSG usually begins with a light “blocking.” Says HSG Field Estimator Oscar Sanchez, “For proper metal restoration, it’s important to have the right touch — to be careful not to remove any color that’s been applied to the surface, especially along the edges.” This light touch removes 95% of the oxidation and pollutants and exposes the finish’s natural luster beneath. If metal surfaces are extremely damaged, dented or scratched, HSG can provide services to remedy those issues.

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