About Us

Our full service philosophy includes working with each client in creating and maintaining a schedule and providing communication throughout the project, and minimizing any inconvenience to building tenants.

Hector Garcia


As founder of HSG, Hector has overseen the company’s growth into a strong presence in the Southern California commercial property market. Since 1980, he’s developed long-lasting bonds with both employees and clients. “I’ve met a lot of people—colleagues, clients, and vendors—who have turned into incredible friends. It’s been a privilege to see them work their way up to leadership positions and see success both personally and professionally over the years.”

Hector is especially proud of the company’s commitment to expertise, placing a high value on proactivity and quality. He’s even used that expertise to build a reputation for teaching: “I didn’t realize it, but I like to teach! When I was growing up, I was one shy kid. Now, I love doing presentations for clients on OSHA and safety best practices. It really drives home the importance of working with a qualified vendor.”

Hector Garcia