Ready for re-entry

Get Ready for Re-Entry – and Save on Every Service

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People are beginning to return to work, but that doesn’t mean COVID-19 is behind us. That’s why it’s important to communicate that you care about cleanliness and have your staff’s and tenants’ best interests in mind. Count on us to help you send that message loud and clear with a range of services that will have your building looking better than ever. From window washing, high pressure cleaning of outdoor areas, and bird control, to the cleaning and disinfecting of your lobby, retail and common areas, we’ve got your back. And to welcome your people back, we’re offering special pricing on every service.

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Cal/OSHA Resources: Window Cleaning Regulations

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If you are a building owner or manager, it is critically important to be Cal/OSHA compliant. Here you will find Cal/OSHA regulations relevant to building exterior maintenance. Article 5 covers window cleaning for buildings built after 1974 that are under 130 feet in height. Article 6 details the regulations governing powered platforms and equipment for maintenance of buildings built after 1974 that are over 130 feet in height.

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Hard Water Window Stains

How to Address Your Building’s Hard Water Window Stains

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Misdirected Sprinklers. Precast Leaching. Metal Oxidation. Indoor Water Leaks. All of these things can leave damaging hard water deposits on your glass and window frames, making a less than professional impression on your clients, potential employees, and building visitors. Over time, the mineral deposits build up and can lead to permanent window damage, which will ultimately impact the aesthetics and life of each window. With every passing month, the stains will become harder and harder to remove. What is Hard Water? Hard water has more than 17.1 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium in it. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 85% of US water is considered hard. What Should You Do? Please take a photo of the stained windows as soon as you see the damage. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the stains.  Unless you are familiar with the cleanup process, you can easily damage or scratch the glass. In some cases, the stains may be permanent, and you will need to replace the windows. An expensive proposition, indeed! Identify your hard water source Figure out the source and try to get a resolution and/or schedule periodic cleanings to prevent the build up. Once the hard water stains have been removed, please schedule periodic cleaning with us. Even if we stop the original problem source, chances are water stains will continue to occur. When we clean your windows, we will suggest a treatment schedule that will…

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metal restoration before and after

5 Metal Restoration Details Every Building Owner Must Know

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Metal restoration/maintenance services are required to help preserve the integrity of the exterior mullions. From historic buildings to modern skyscrapers the right restoration process extends the life of the metal, adds value to your building, and improves its curb appeal. Looking at the top section of the metal compared to the bottom. The photo tells the story. However, there’s much more you need to know. When a building’s exterior panels or frames start to weather, they lose their original luster. Weathering may cause oxidation and pits in the anodization. Metal restoration stops corrosion and renews the appearance of the facade. Here are several things you should take into consideration when undergoing a metal restoration project: Test Panels It is imperative that metal restoration tests be performed to confirm client’s expectation. The photographs are from two different properties. This allows us to finetune the process and make sure the products are appropriate for the types of metal and conditions. Determine Timeline: Under Promise, Over Deliver! One of the things we pride ourselves in is meeting or beating our projected completion dates. We realize having a crew outside of your building can be a distraction to the workplace. We work efficient enough to provide you with the results we promised barring any outside factors (weather or equipment issues). Deliver Pristine Results One of the things we pride ourselves in is meeting or beating our projected completion dates. We realize having a crew outside of your building can be a distraction to the…

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caulking waterproof

The Most Important Commercial Building Investment? Waterproofing!

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Think of all the time and money you spent designing and constructing your building. Whether it’s one or one hundred floors, standing water around its foundation can create major structural issues. In addition, roofs, windows, concrete pane joints, outdoor decks and balconies are areas where leaks start and continue to do damage if not attended to early on. Waterproofing your building protects it from water intrusion and the adverse impact of hydrostatic pressure. At HSG, we look at all aspects of water intrusion from the inside and out. This blog post will focus on what happens when you ignore the problem, the four leak origin areas, waterproofing core benefits and the HSG difference. What Happens If You Don’t do Waterproofing If you never have your building inspected and/or you are aware of some roof or window leakage, you’re at risk for major problems. Here are real-life examples about what happens when you ignore the problem: Water dripping from the ceiling. While initially you can put a bucket under the leak, the problem comes from a hole in the roof. If you don’t remedy the situation, eventually the ceiling tile will give way, possibly injuring your employees. In addition, a dropped tile can damage furniture, equipment and technology. Standing water next to the foundation. Not only will it weaken your concrete, but water can seep into your HVAC system causing havoc with heat and air conditioning. Known window and roof leaks that are getting worse. These can lead to bacterial problems…

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HSG is compliant with all CDC, OSHA, State Guidelines and Applicable Laws of Covid-19. HSG Employees have been trained, and provided the necessary PPE tools to ensure the safety of all.  It is a top priority of HSG to maintain a safe work environment at all times and throughout the current crisis.