Our expertise and innovative pest control solutions enable us to provide our clients with high quality bird control and protection services.

Bird Control

HSG is Los Angeles' trusted company providing fast, efficient bird control services throughout the southern California area.

Pest birds create major property maintenance and repair costs. It takes an expert to get rid of the problem humanely, permanently and while maintaining the clean cosmetics of your building.

Bird Netting - Bird Busters

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the strongest and most versatile methods to solve your bird infestation problems in a confined space. It can keep birds out of courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, and parking garages. Choose a color that closely matches your exterior—black, stone, white, or translucent—for minimal effect on aesthetics.

Because the netting is composed of very thin, ultra-strong strands of UV-resistant polyethylene twine, it withstands harsh environmental conditions and can last for years. We install it and you watch the birds find another place to perch.

Bird Busters - Electrified

Electrified Deterrents

A harmless shock, comparable to the static shock you might feel stepping out of a car, is enough to deter birds from coming back to a ledge. Electrified deterrent systems work well on ledges and condition birds to stay away from the area by transmitting the shock as a bird lands on the strip.

This system is great for high-profile spaces where spikes or other more visible options would detract from the appearance of the building.

Bird Busters - Tight Line

TightLine Bird Wire

Another low-profile solution is TightLine, a spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area for birds. It’s commonly used and carries GSA approval for use on historic buildings. It can also be electrified if needed.

TightLine is a nylon-coated, spring-tensioned stainless steel wire that’s attached to clear ultra-violet stabilized brackets. The brackets are secured to masonry or other surfaces using extra-strong adhesive. As one of the least visible products for ledges, bird wire works well for ledges on any part of a property.

Bird Busters - HSG Inc - Bird Coil

Bird Coil

Bird coil is an anti-perching system that works well for exposed ledges that are slightly lower-profile. It works on the simple premise that birds prefer a solid place to land and will avoid landing on a treated area.

The coil, made of high-grade stainless steel is adaptable to most architectural details. Its smooth curves are harmless to birds and pose no threat to people who may need access the ledges for building work. From 20 feet away or more, the coil is nearly invisible.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes, Not Sharp

Bird spikes are an extremely common way to keep birds from perching on a surface. To preserve the overall appearance of the building, they’re often used in conjunction with other bird control methods that are kinder to eye-level details and building entrances.

Made of high-grade stainless steel or tough polycarbonate plastic, bird spikes last for years. They’re made with blunt tips, so they never harm your unwanted visitors.

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