From high-rise buildings to retail and commercial buildings, we provide only the best building washing services for all types of buildings and property types.

Pressure Washing Service

Regular pressure washing of your building can protect and prolong the life of painted and block surfaces on your building!

Buildings need to stay clean, but each surface has a different tolerance for water pressure and chemical use. HSG will closely inspect your building and recommend a combination of cleaning services that will safely get your property looking beautiful.

High-pressure cleaning removes dirt, grease, oil, and gum build up from sidewalks, walkways, and courtyards. Pressure washing done well removes substances without damaging the underlying surface, leaving high-traffic areas looking attractive and safe for use.

Environmentally-Friendly Water Reclamation

Regulations require compliance with Zero Water Discharge laws and water usage regulations. We use state-of-the-art water reclamation and recycling systems that help you meet the most stringent environmental standards. Any water used for cleaning is 100% reclaimed (and none goes to storm drains).

HSG offers a variety of High and Low Pressure Cleaning Service to include but not limited to:

  • Parking Garages
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairwells
  • Concrete Prefab Buildings

To learn more about HSG or our services, please Contact Us or call (323) 733-8552.

Low-Pressure Wash

Building exteriors can be safely washed at very low pressure settings—this preserves the surface while removing all superficial dirt, grime, and oil. Our technicians perform this service in conjunction with window cleaning to better manage overall project costs and avoid leaving water residue on window panes. After initial restoration, building curtain walls can be protected with a sealant to keep buildings looking attractive and new for longer periods of time.

Building Chemical Cleaning/Restoration

Need to remove deeper building stains? We can do that with chemical cleaning. Stains from oxidation, mold, and debris on a building exterior need to be eliminated with specialized chemicals. We pre-treat them with an environmentally-friendly solution, and then rinse the solution with a pressure wash. To protect against future stains, we can apply a sealant after the wash is complete.


‘There Whenever I Need Any Type Of Work!’

HSG has always been there whenever I needed any type of work, most recently for water proofing. Due to the heavy rains we had a small water leak on the 15th floor, all I had to do was to place a call to HSG and they immediately came up with an action plan. Response times are great and the staff are always professional and courteous

Avison Young

‘Thank You HSG!’

Thank you HSG for being my one stop vendor for window cleaning, metal restoration, pressure washing and water proofing.  We truly appreciate you and your entire team, and we look forward to our continued partnership.  Thank you, Alicia, for always making sure everything looks great!!! 

Tania,  Assistant Property Manager PMRG

‘Great Service’

I have used HSG for many years and without a doubt I will continue to use them in the years to come.

‘Consistent Work Quality, Above & Beyond Customer Service’

Kilroy Realty chooses HSG for the consistent work quality, above and beyond customer service and the professional workers that are sent out to our properties. Additionally, HSG’s wide range of services from water proofing to caulking provides us with a one stop shop for a variety of projects. I would highly recommend HSG for your class-A commercial projects.

Kilroy Realty

‘Extraordinary Service’

The extraordinary service we receive from HSG is one of the many reasons we choose HSG for our window cleaning and restoration needs. They are more than just our vendor they are our partner and no project, question or concern is too small or too big for them to handle.  The customer service and expertise we receive from Andy, Sal and Hector is beyond measure and the work performed is always done to the highest level. 

Senior Property Manager of Beverly Hills Corporate offices.

Window Cleaning

‘My Go To For Window Cleaning’

HSG has always been my go to for window cleaning and waterproofing services. More than just the excellent service that the team provides, Sal and Andy have incredible response time and always address needs and/or questions as they come up and are always willing to help out.

Keni, LPC

To learn more about HSG or our services, please Contact Us or call (323) 733-8552.

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