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Our full service philosophy includes working with each client in creating and maintaining a schedule and providing communication throughout the project, and minimizing any inconvenience to building tenants.


HSG Inc. works with innovative solutions to help buildings that have been affected by weather and age.

Retailers need to make the best possible impression on their customers, and it starts outside the building. Empower tenants to put their brand on display with an enticing storefront. Respond quickly and effectively when the appearance of a retail space is compromised.

Lure  Shoppers With An Attractive Entrance
Storefronts are designed to entice shoppers—don’t let dirt, wear, and vandalism dull your retail property’s appeal. Keep foot traffic high with a clean, welcoming exterior. Repair hard-to-reach lighting and window panes without damaging the store’s interior. Keep high-profile tenants happy by letting them focus on their customers’ experience inside the store.

Keep High Traffic Area Super Clean
High foot traffic in retail is good. High gum-to-pavement ratio is not. Use the right combination of low- and high-pressure washing to keep areas with heavy foot traffic clean and inviting, while preserving delicate materials and intricate architecture.

Mixed-Use Development, Single Plan of Attack
Make your mixed-use property a hub of activity for shoppers, professionals, and people out on the town. The HSG team knows how to schedule and carry out maintenance projects with minimal disruption to your diverse group of tenants. Keep your retail spaces looking impeccable and attract a vibrant community to your space.

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