Your Building – Isn’t For the Birds

By | Bird Control

This month and through the rest of summer, the bird population will be at its highest. The chicks have hatched and are out of the nest. As the numbers increase, they look to perch and roost on commercial buildings. They usually on the Northeast corners of buildings where they are protected from the onshore weather (winds, sun, etc.). This blog will hopefully make you aware of the hazards of not taking action with these pests. Which Birds are commonly seen at buildings? These are the pests we see most often on commercial buildings: Pigeons: You will usually find them on the roofs and protected areas Starlings: Roost in large numbers and settle under the eaves of buildings. Crows:  Very smart birds, noisy, messy, mean! House Sparrows: Anyplace where food is stored or processed Gulls: Perch on rooftops in most coastal areas.  They usually come in from the coastal areas when there is a storm coming. Hazards of bird infestation: Noise:  Most of the birds mentioned above are noisy. Bird droppings on the sidewalk.  This can be a huge cause for slip and falls. Pigeons and or hawks: They love to perch on building signage and soil the sides of buildings and ground below the signs. Bird debris (poop) is loaded with bacteria and diseases (over 160 diseases) Bird debris (poop) is very acidic. Public freeways have a huge problem with this because it eats away at the concrete and steel re-enforcements; Eats through paint, uproots roof tiles, and clogs up…

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