How to Save Your Building From Scratches And Graffiti

By | Glass Scratch Removal & Prevention

How to Save Your Building From Scratches And Graffiti How your business deals with damage to your property says a lot about your approach to PR. Letting scratches accumulate from untreated wear and tear suggests a lack of concern for detail. Much like a handshake, that means missing out on the competitive edge of a sparkling first impression. It’s even worse if that untended damage happens to be in the form of graffiti – vandals see this eyesore as encouragement for more etchings or tagging. It sends everyone – including potential clients – the message “We don’t care about harm to our image or insults to our reputation.” Don’t let that be your business! Take control of your building and your company’s image – don’t leave things up to chance. Let HSG remove scratches and graffiti on glass and metallic surfaces for you. We will then cover the newly restored surface with a protective film to reduce the chance of future vandalism or damage. This process at least makes future touch-ups cheaper, so it’s a wise investment for both repair and prevention. We carry LEED-certified tinted solar film, too, which reduces wear from direct sunlight and lowers energy consumption without compromising the appearance of your building.

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