Waterproof Now to Keep Costly Headaches at Bay

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The concept of waterproofing isn’t something we Southern Californians usually spend a lot of time on,given the amount of rain we get per year. However, when it does rains, it can be several inches over a very short period which can lead to significant water troubles for your property. Here are the signs, reasoning and tips to understanding this important process. Signs You Need Waterproofing Whether your property is ten or one hundred years old, there are telltale signs that waterproofing is in your future. These include: Vinyl shrinkage around windows on window corners Gaps Cracks in the concrete curtain wall Parapet caps and walls on roof have damaged/deteriorated seals If you are unsure whether you have problems or not, consider an inspection. In addition, pull out the original paperwork on your roof and windows to determine if they are near end of life. Waterproofing materials lifespan: Roofs last 5-20 years, depending on the material Windows have an expectancy of 15-20 years Why Waterproof If you don’t waterproof your building from time-to-time or ignore the signs listed above, you may experience one or more of the following problems: Water seepage which can lead to a build up of mold. Left to its own devices, this blight can turn into black mold, a hazard to any business. Moisture that can damage drywall, carpeting, office furniture and technology. Musty or mildewed smell throughout the space, which may cause many tenants to leave at the end of their lease. Overall, waterproofing is a preventative measure that will save you money if done correctly.   What You Can Do Now Here are three tips that will keep you in good stead with your tenants, save money and keep water headaches away: When it rains, look around the inside…

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