A Guide to Parking Garage Restoration

By | Parking Garage Services

The parking garage services industry has been growing exponentially since the 1990s, which means parking garages have been deteriorating at an even more rapid pace. In fact, parking garages are so problematic today that many of them require advanced parking garage structural design and maintenance just to stay standing. Maintaining the structural integrity of parking garages is a full-time job for facility and building management teams. Parking garage restoration can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Still, it’s worth that investment because, without adequate maintenance, parking structures will eventually fall into disrepair and will have to be demolished or abandoned altogether. Dealing with parking garage degradation is a big part of facility management and upkeep. Parking garage restoration should start with a thorough inspection conducted by a structural engineer to identify any areas of concern, such as significant cracks in load-bearing walls or concrete. The choice for building a parking garage is often made, but not always with the proper consideration for the long-term upkeep and restoration requirements it brings. Some parking garages are structurally sound once again after restoration efforts, but the parking garage services might not meet current code requirements.  In such cases, parking structures may need equipment or design changes to comply with local codes and ordinances. Parking garage maintenance and repairs can also help you avoid having your parking structure condemned by your city or state, which would end up costing more money overall through legal battles and relocation costs.  If ignored, condemned parking garages that…

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