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Tips to Preserve Your Commercial Parking Garage

By | Parking Garage Services

Commercial parking garages and garages offer a safe and secure place for patrons to park their vehicles and use the facilities associated with the garage. However, many commercial parking garages have been neglected and taken for granted by building managers and consequently don’t get the proper maintenance it needs. This leads to the deterioration of parking garages. Yet, their use is essential to modern businesses. According to the Injury Claim Coach, non-residential parking facilities are used by 175 million people every day, and each use represents a potential risk that could lead to injuries or premature wear and tear on the structure. If one would just take the time to look at the conditions of their garages and properly maintain them, commercial parking garages will continue to serve the people that use them daily. This article will explore a few tips to restore and preserve the integrity of parking garages. 1. Check Structures Around the Commercial Parking Garage Doors for Water Spots Water spots in commercial parking garages or near commercial parking garage doors are signs of leaking and water damage in the garage. It means that water from rain, ice, or snow has seeped through the concrete and corroded it. This can expose the rebar underneath which can cause damage to vehicles parked in the garage if they park too close, On top of that, the rebar can also rust and contribute to the spalling of the concrete. Additionally. water spots and spills can cause patrons to slip and…

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