Elevator Cab Finishes: Core Considerations When Choosing New Materials

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The demand for office space is growing at an exponential rate. According to GlobeSt.com, in September 2021, “New demand for office space is up 235 percent year-over-year, reflecting a strong recovery from last summer.” Finding ways to stand out from the crowd will also help your building maintain lower vacancy rates. Yet, the elevators may still be an afterthought. Ironically, prioritizing elevator design can help set your building apart from the competition with new elevator cab finishes when attracting new tenants.  An elevator is one of your guests’ first impressions when entering your building and should match the property’s overall aesthetics. An elevator cab redesign will enhance the general atmosphere of your building while it increases building value.  The Most Common Elevator Cab Finishes There are several to choose from when it comes to elevator cab finishes. Depending on the aesthetic a building owner desires will determine which specific finishes to go with for your elevator design. Below are some standard finishes: Stainless Steel Flexible Wall Protection/Coverings Wood or Faux Wood Paneling Custom Elevator Cab Finishes How Easy Will It Be to Clean the Finish? Help your managers and janitorial team out by choosing a product that will be easy to maintain and keep clean. For example, elevator cab walls should not be a finish that shows finger smudges and stains. Invest in quality materials for more efficient maintenance and cleaning. Can the Finish Resist Scuffs, Tears, or Other Wear and Tear? Elevator cab finishes must be able to withstand…

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