Plaza Deck Maintenance Tips to Remember

By | Plaza Deck

A plaza deck is a concrete structure that functions as a roof and a floor. As the deck receives exposure to all weather conditions, it is critical to perform routine maintenance and repairs that will prolong the functionality and life of the deck. If the waterproofing components are damaged, there could be a water leak in the commercial space below.  As winter winds down and spring begins, the more significant problems and costs of poor commercial building maintenance will come to light. Over the winter, reports Insureon, “snow and ice accumulation on your business’s roof can result in weakened roofing materials and create ‘ice dams,’ which prevent melted ice and snow from properly draining. Regularly remove snow and ice from your business’s roof to prevent structural damage. Know your roof’s load-bearing capacity, and periodically check to ensure that snow and ice aren’t accumulating beyond its weight limits.” Below are vital tips for building managers for deck roofing solutions.  1. Regularly Clean Your Commercial Deck With the Proper Agents Clean the plaza deck routinely to remove dirt, mildew, and other build-ups. Clear the area of any debris, dust, or objects, including weeds. This level of care will restore your concrete decking and improve the structure’s aesthetics. A clean space is inviting to guests and creates an overall sense of comfort.  When cleaning your commercial deck, choose the right chemicals to avoid damaging the structure. There are multiple cleaning solutions options. Enlist a professional with the knowledge and experience to provide optimal…

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