5 Critical Elevator Cab Design Considerations to Finding the Right Service Partner


How often does your building management team think about elevator cab design? Most companies tend to view elevators as a one-and-done process or need, but they’re much more vital than many realize. The right elevator cab interior design is just as crucial as the mechanics behind their use. After all, a custom interior can set the standard for how your guests feel while traveling from one office to another. Depending on the size of the building, users may spend 10-15 minutes in an elevator per day (assuming a 3-minute trip and 4-5 trips per day). 

That may not seem possible but consider that employees and building occupants may use the elevator to leave and return for lunch, visit other offices, or leave work for the day. As such, building owners need to rethink their approach to elevator cab design and keep it fresh. Further, according to Building Design + Construction, the typical elevator life expectancy in the U.S. is between 20 and 30 years. However, regular upgrades and maintenance of the interior design are also essential to creating better guest experiences. “Elevators are a prime example [of how simple improvements in building maintenance can impact guest experiences]. Seamless operations are vital to owners, contractors, facility managers, and tenants. Elevator reliability, a smooth ride, and tenant satisfaction are key considerations, as is reducing the total cost of ownership.” Let’s take a deeper look at the top five considerations to take when approaching an elevator cab design or custom elevator interior redesign project. 

1. Material Versatility

When looking for an elevator cab company to work with, it is essential to find a partner that offers a versatile range of materials. This approach will help ensure that the company can create a design that will complement the interior of your elevator cab. Common materials  include wood, stainless steel, copper, or stonework. Also, they should understand and guide how to approach regular maintenance of such materials, such as elevator door and panel refinishing for metal surfaces or sealing stones to prevent staining.

2. Design Capability and Total Cost of Customer Elevator Cab Design

Not all elevator cab companies have the design capabilities to create a truly unique and eye-catching elevator cab interior. It is essential to find one to make sure your elevator cab stands out from the rest. The company should work with a range of suppliers and service companies to create a plan for current and future upgrades. That also includes keeping an eye on the total cost of custom elevator cab design

3. Quality, Durability, and Safety of Elevator Cabs

Another essential factor to consider is elevator cabs’ quality, durability, and safety. The materials used in the construction of elevator cabs must meet or exceed all safety standards set by governing organizations. In addition, the elevator cab company should offer a warranty on their panels or upgrades against premature wear and tear. 

4. Experience in Managing Off-Site Redesign and Panel Fabrication

When selecting an elevator cab design company, it is essential to consider their experience managing off-site cab redesign and panel fabrication. Doing so will minimize the impact on day-to-day operations during elevator upgrades. A company that can handle all aspects of the redesign and fabrication process off-site will ensure a smooth and timely upgrade.

5. Speed in Performing Work to Reduce Out-of-Service Time

Building owners and managers should also consider design companies’ speed in performing work. Speed and cost are not simply about reducing out-of-service time either. Spending too long adds to installation costs and may cost customers or upset building tenants. 

Typically, elevator cab redesigns will range from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the project’s complexity. It’s essential to work with a company that has experience in elevator cab design and can help you to stay within your budget.

This must include the ceiling and lighting fixtures as well. It’s essential to choose a design that is both attractive and functional. The company you work with should help you select materials and finishes that will complement the look of your building and create a positive experience for your passengers. Furthermore, they should have the resources to work with your team if scheduling additional mechanical work may be necessary, especially if such work comes from a third party. 

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