Graffiti? Scratched Glass? We Have Cost Saving Solutions!

Do you have problems with vandals defacing your windows? Tired of replacing windows when they get scratched or scuffed up? This blog will outline more details on these common problems owners can face when it comes to their building’s glass. If you have either or both, please call on us to help with a time and cost saving measure!

Problem #1: Graffiti

Believe it or not, Graffiti removal is a big problem in the United States. A $12 billion annual problem, as estimated by When it comes to a building itself, removal can usually be handled through sanding and applying a fresh coat of paint. But when it entails glass, things are much different and often the only thing owners consider is a total pane replacement.

However, there is a better way.

Solution: Anti-Graffiti Window Treatment Film

This film provides a layer of protection for your glass that can be peeled off when needed and replaced for the fraction of the cost of an entire window. It’s virtually unnoticeable and will protect each pane from paint, scratches, markings and acid etching.

In addition, it blocks out almost 100% of ultraviolet rays, preventing sun fading from these otherwise powerful waves.


Problem #2: Scratched Glass

Glass abrasions can easily happen but may not be so easy to repair. Typical situations include dents, acid etching, scuffs, scratches, plus normal wear and tear.

Glass damage can be classified into four categories:

  • Minor: The result of glass on glass rubbing or sandpaper scuffmarks.
  • Moderate: Razorblade cuts or sand erosion.
  • Heavy: Can be felt with the touch of a finger and is easily visible to the naked eye.
  • Extreme: Damage can be viewed from some distance.


Solution: Glass Abrasion or Polishing

These solutions represent about 20-30% of a window replacement cost and will take 5-10 less time to complete.

Glass polishing uses special compounds, pads and heat on the glass. It’s very effective for minor or moderate damage and doesn’t create distortions.

Glass abrasion is the process of abrading until the scratch bottom is reached. The polishing process then completes the job. This is used for heavy or extreme damage.


So there you have it! Glass repair options that will save you time and money but most importantly bring beauty back to your windows.


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