Interior Cleaning

Inside Story: The Why’s and How’s of Interior Window Cleaning

If you’ve been putting off interior window cleaning, don’t wait any longer. Here’s why you should schedule your cleaning right now:

  1. It will take less tenant coordination right now. Many offices still aren’t fully occupied, so you have greater leeway to get the job done.
  2. Welcoming workers back with squeaky clean windows will instill confidence that they’re returning to a safe and sanitized environment.
  3. The best time to clean interior windows is before the weather gets really not. When the sun is blazing, cleaning solutions can dry onto the hot windows before they can be wiped off, creating hard-to-remove streaks.
  4. Our crews are full prepared and taking all COVID-19 precautions.

The importance of cleaning interior windows.

Sure, window exteriors are most vulnerable to dirt, oxidization, minerals, and smog (not to mention the occasional carnage of a bird collision), but it’s also important to incorporate interior window cleaning into your building maintenance schedule.

Even on the inside of your property, glass is subject to degradation as well as aesthetic assault from smudgy fingerprints and the like. And depending on the activity in the room (large gatherings, food preparation, etc.) it’s all the more important to stay on top of cleaning.

At HSG, we’re focused on effectively removing dirt, oils and other residues from the glass; preventing the damage that can be caused by inappropriate cleaning methods and chemicals; and abiding by the best practices for keeping your interior environment safe and sanitary.

interior window cleaning

How does HSG clean windows?

Our HSG team gets professional-level results from a three-step process:

  1. SCRUB using non-toxic, odor-free cleaners and a non-scratching microfiber cloth – the same material you’d use to clean your eyeglasses. They’re the best material to remove stains without causing micro-abrasion of the glass or any coatings used to tint it. For hard-to-reach areas, we use special extension poles.
  2. SQUEEGEE using non-scratching natural rubber or silicon squeegees that are proven safe on tinted windows. (If they’re not yet looking perfect, we’ll repeat steps one and two.)
  3. DETAIL the edges using line-free cloths.

When is the best time to clean interior windows?

It’s best to clean interior windows on a cool, cloudy day or, better yet, in the evening. The windows will have fully cooled by then. Plus, there’s no risk of disturbing office staff.

The ideal time of year to do this is January through March, before the weather gets too hot.

How often should interior windows be cleaned?

If you have a restaurant, bar or a high-traffic area, we recommend a biweekly window-cleaning schedule. For an office building, we recommend a full cleaning (inside and out) about twice a year.

How do I prepare for a window cleaning?

Simply remove any window obstructions and raise your blinds. We’ll take care of the rest.

Now’s the time.


HSG is compliant with all CDC, OSHA, State Guidelines and Applicable Laws of Covid-19. HSG Employees have been trained, and provided the necessary PPE tools to ensure the safety of all.  It is a top priority of HSG to maintain a safe work environment at all times and throughout the current crisis.