Pressure washing the entrance way.

The Top 5 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Building

From dirt and pollution to bird droppings and graffiti, buildings face a wide range of threats to their appearance and structural integrity. Good thing HSG offers you an equally formidable array of defenses – among the most effective of which is pressure washing.

When wielded by experts who can tailor water pressure, water temperature and detergents to each building’s specific needs, pressure washing can make short work of dirt, soot, stains, and other defilements. And the benefits of pressure washing go way beyond the cosmetic.

Pressure cleaning enhances your building's value.


Pressure washing on a regular basis ensures your building looks its best. That maximizes its value in a competitive marketplace. Not only that, building tenants – as well as your clients and employees – will take notice of your commitment to upkeep and respond in kind. They’ll be more mindful of keeping the property in good shape and will be proud to go there.

People will also feel safer at your property. Now more than ever, the public wants reassurance that the environments they enter are well-maintained and sanitary. Pressure washing the exterior signals your commitment to keeping the entire property in tip-top shape.


Bird droppings, mold, algae and dirt don’t just compromise the appearance of your building, they can weaken its structural integrity. Brick, in particular, is vulnerable to deterioration if left unwashed.

And consider bird droppings. Practically all building materials – and specific parts of buildings, like roofs and gutter systems – can be damaged by birds’ highly acidic excrement. Droppings, for example, can eat away at substrates like tar-based roofing materials, and over time can cause leaks. According to BirdBarrier, a manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control products, the life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by just a light, but continuous application of bird droppings. The accumulation of pigeon droppings caused a gas station canopy to collapse in Arizona in 2008. Not only that, acidic bird droppings can damage air conditioning equipment, industrial machinery, siding, insulation and more.

Then there’s mold. If left unchecked, it can damage painted surfaces and concrete coatings. In fact, mold actually eats paint and finishes. But power washing can hold it in check, and is a lot less expensive than refinishing or repainting. (By the way: If you do have to repaint, power washing is an essential first step in the process)

Pressure washing can prevent costly repairs.


When we talk about pressure washing, people often assume we’re referring to wall, window, and roof maintenance. But other parts of your property can benefit as well, including sidewalks and walkways, parking garages, loading docks, dumpster areas, surface lots, facades and awnings. The process removes gum, garbage and vehicle stains that come from regular public use, and course it also mitigates damage from birds. Not only that, pressure washing can impede the growth of weeds and other unwelcome plants on your grounds, preventing them from expanding and creating cracks and damage along surfaces.

Think of your property in its totality. Practically any area we can reach, we can pressure clean. Moreover, if you schedule regular cleanings, upkeep is surprisingly easy and quick.


Left unchecked, graffiti might not hurt the structural integrity of your building, but it will undoubtedly compromise market value. Offensive, unsightly stains of this nature are the enemies of a respectable, presentable property. Fortunately, pressure washing can help remove the paint and restore your building’s beauty and stature.


These days a safe working environment is on everyone’s mind, and pressure washing can play an important role in minimizing the risk of sickness or injury. Think about pollen, pollutants, dust, dirt, mildew, algae and bird droppings. They’re all known triggers of adverse health conditions, including breathing problems, allergies and various diseases. Pressure washing works wonders against these health threats – especially when performed regularly.

Liability reduction is another factor. Professional washing of sidewalks, walkways, parking garages and other areas can get rid of grease, mold and other substances that can cause people to slip, fall and hurt themselves on your building’s grounds.

Safer passages.

Better for your property – and the environment

Something else you should know about HSG’s power washing services: They’re gentle on the planet.

Industrial-grade power washing cleans primarily with pressure vs. chemicals, and is surprisingly efficient with the amount of water used. In addition, while our biodegradable cleaning solutions are murder on mold, mildew, dirt and debris, they’re gentle on the environment. Equally important, we apply them professionally in just the right amounts to avoid over application. So don’t worry that you have to choose between the appearance of your property surfaces and the health of grass, plants and other shrubberies. We’ll make sure they’re protected.


HSG is compliant with all CDC, OSHA, State Guidelines and Applicable Laws of Covid-19. HSG Employees have been trained, and provided the necessary PPE tools to ensure the safety of all.  It is a top priority of HSG to maintain a safe work environment at all times and throughout the current crisis.