Metal Restoration

Do you own an aging or historical building? Has your property been affected by the weather? If so, metal restoration is probably in your future.

Today’s blog post will focus on the why and what of metal restoration and how our company can help.

Why do Metal Restoration?

Preserving the beauty of your property is most likely one of your top priorities. You want a building employees and tenants are proud to enter every day. A place where customers and prospects will be happy to go into. And when you are ready to list your building for sale, it will look good in photos and videos.

Most buildings have aluminum frames and/or metal panels which may require treatment to bring it back to the original condition.

Even newer buildings are impacted by the weather and require treatment. When a structure’s exterior panels have oxidation, pitting and corrosion, it’s time to act.

Bottom line: Metal restoration stops corrosion and renews the appearance of the surface including door and window frames, door handles and handrails.

What’s the Metal Restoration process?

First, call in an expert to assess the condition of the area.

Second, if you choose us, we can provide a test sample of what the rest would look like after a metal restoration project. Our team uses a special process and protective coatings that match the grain of the metal for a more natural looking result.

Third, we recommend regular maintenance to minimize any further damage, uphold the value of your property and preserve its appearance and lengthen the life of the coating/restoration.


HSG is Here to Help

Have at the metal around your building lately? Does your facility need an update? We are a locally owned and operated company that serves the greater Los Angeles and Orange county areas. To request a quote or learn more about our services, please call 323.733.8552 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or fill out our contact form.

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