The best way to treat water damage is to prevent it in the first place.

Why waterproof your building?
Because leaks can bleed you dry.

Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a waterproofing professional as far as we know, but when he said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” he was speaking to building owners everywhere.

In fact, there’s no smarter investment for your building than staying on top of waterproofing. Make sure your building’s curtain wall is watertight!

Water seizes every opportunity.

When two metal panels are joined together, the waterproofing has to be precise. This is what you get from an inexperienced provider.

Water can find its way into buildings through exposed porous materials, cracks, micro crevices, damaged roof membranes and leaking roofs, as well as window frames, deteriorating joints between concrete panels, damaged drainage and plumbing systems, and much more. Little drips can seem harmless at first, but they can cause lasting damage. For example:

  • Water dripping from the ceiling: This is usually caused by water finding its way through a hole in your building’s roofing materials/layers. The intrusion can destroy ceiling tiles, damage furniture and flooring, leak onto expensive equipment, interfere with your communications network, and more.
  • Standing water next to the foundation: It can weaken your concrete and cause safety hazards.
  • Worsening window and roof leaks: These can lead to bacterial problems, mold and – yuck – insect infestation.
  • Roof leaks during rainstorms: These can damage mechanical fasteners, seams and decks on the roof, leading to costly repairs and restorations.

All leaks cause damage, but not all leaks are the same. Curtain wall leaks occur when sealed joints fail and create voids. Roof leaks can be caused by UV rays, storms and even birds (flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to leaks). Flooding and concrete damage can lead to leaks in parking decks. Planters are another cause for concern when their waterproof membranes fail.

Why waterproof?


In this parking lot, you can easily see the caulking not adhering to the edges of the expansion joint.

“Spend a little now, save a lot later” is just one of the arguments for waterproofing. Consider, too, that waterproofing maintains your building’s structural integrity by keeping the foundation from weakening. It preserves indoor air quality, preventing the breeding of microorganisms and mold. Waterproofing also improves energy efficiency, since it detects holes that allow cool air to escape in the summer, and warm air to vent in the winter. And finally, it’s essential to keeping your property in compliance with building codes, since too much water damage can make your building structurally unsound.

What to look for in a waterproofing services provider?

A prime example of caulking material that’s gone beyond its useful life. Notice the cracks going up the joint. They’re called alligatoring, or reversion, and they tell you that the gap will only grow.

Three things are essential:

  • First, you need expertise. We have 40 years of experience with waterproofing membranes and we continuously upgrade our technology so we can pinpoint the source of your leaks.
  • You need a team with a strong customer service ethic. When you call or email us, for example, you can expect a response within two minutes to two hours of your communication.
  • Third, partner with a firm that has the resources to meet your needs whenever they may arise. HSG has a large team of inspectors and estimators that will walk the building with you seven days a week.

HSG is your waterproofing expert

We have unsurpassed experience in all aspects of waterproofing, including:

  • Roof deck coating
  • Elastomeric coating
  • Parking garage coating
  • Concrete repairs
  • Grout injection
  • Wet sealing
  • Planter coating
  • Epoxy injections
  • Curtain wall inspections
  • …and more.

HSG has active projects all over Southern California. Wherever you are, we’ll be there for you.

And to seal the deal…

Between now and September 30, 2020 receive a 10% discount when you bundle waterproofing with any of our other services – including window cleaning, metal restoration, pressure washing, and/or bird control.

Call us at 323-733-8552 to schedule your service and claim your savings.

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